Quizzes & Exams

You will need to retrieve your Honor Code through the Outcomes Dashboard:

  • Log in to the Outcomes Dashboard with your uniqname and Level-1 password.
  • Click on the "Show Honor Code" button, located in the upper right corner.

Email: medexams@umich.edu
Phone: 734-936-1472
On-Call Hours: Weekdays during regularly scheduled quizzes / exams: 5 PM to 9 PM
Weekends during regularly scheduled quizzes / exams: Noon to 9 PM

Nikki Zaidi
Assistant Director of Evaluation and Assessment
5117 Taubman Health Sciences Library
Karri Grob
Evaluation and Assessment Specialist
5224 Taubman Health Sciences Library
Jill Miller
Evaluation and Assessment Specialist
5226 Taubman Health Sciences Library


  • Always use Firefox as your browser when taking exams (PC or Mac). 
  • Record all of your test answers on a separate piece of paper in the unlikely event that the quiz / exam window closes before you have submitted your responses. Please handle these answer sheets with confidentiality and dispose of them properly after your exam has been scored.
  • Always use the Standard Exam Server; use the Backup Server only when directed to do so.
  • If you need a calculator, you may use the calculator feature within your computer.
  • Open images one at a time and be sure to close each image when you are done viewing it. If an image is still open, the system will not open the next image.
  • Double-check all of your responses before submitting your quiz / exam.
  • Email medexams@umich.edu if you experience any difficulties while taking a quiz or exam.
  • Always remain calm and remember that technical issues can be fixed!


  • DO NOT copy, download, or photocopy quizzes or exams or quiz / exam questions in ANY way. This includes the use of "print screen" features on the computer, creating PDF files of a quiz or exam, or using a camera phone. This includes copying the feedback pages. These actions are all against the Honor Code.
  • Don't drag-and-drop an image window by clicking on the image; you could embed the image in the exam window and be unable to get back to the questions. Instead, click on the title bar at the top of the image window. 
  • Do not click randomly within the testing window or use the mouse scroll wheel, as this may change your selected responses. Instead, use the scroll bar feature in the testing window.
  • If you email medexams@umich.edu or your Sequence Director about a specific question, refer to the question number only. DO NOT copy any part of the question in your email.
  • If you have problems viewing images, DO NOT guess and enter a response. Instead, leave the test item blank and email medexams@umich.edu to arrange a time to view the image and submit a response.
  • If you are "timed out" of a quiz / exam (e.g. run out of time), do not close out of the exam. Instead, give the system time to submit your response. You will know when your responses have been submitted when the feedback page opens. Please note that this might take a few minutes.