M-Learning Mandatories

M-Learning Mandatories . . .

 All medical students are required to complete a prescribed set of learning modules at the beginning of each academic year for Scientific Trunk (M1), Clinical Trunk (M-2), and Branches (M-3/4) curriculum phases.  To complete the learning modules, check the current status of your learning, or print a certificate of completion, please log into the M-Learning system at the URL noted below, using your Level-2 Authentication (username and password).

 M-Learning URL: https://trainingportal.med.umich.edu/Saba/Web/Main

 The M-Learning modules for the curriculum phases are:

Scientific Trunk - Year 1

Clinical Trunk - Year 2

Branches - Year 3

Branches - Year 4

 If you experience difficulty completing any of these requirements, please contact the M-Learning helpdesk at 734/936-8000 or by Email: mlearninginfo@umich.edu.