M-Learning Mandatories & VA Credentialing

M-Learning Mandatories . . .

 All medical students are required to complete a prescribed set of learning modules at the beginning of each academic year for Scientific Trunk (M1), Clinical Trunk (M-2), and Branches (M-3/4) curriculum phases.  To complete the learning modules, check the current status of your learning, or print a certificate of completion, please log into the M-Learning system at the URL noted below, using your Level-2 Authentication (username and password).

 M-Learning Training Portal: 

 The M-Learning modules for the curriculum phases are:

Scientific Trunk - Year 1

Clinical Trunk - Year 2

Branches - Year 3

Branches - Year 4

If you experience technical difficulties while trying to complete these requirements, please click on the online customer service portal (help.medicine.umich.edu), use keyword search, “MLearning”, or call the HITS Service Desk 24/7 at 734-936-8000

VA Credentialing for Clinical Trunk Students

Trainee Staffing Guide

The Medical School partners with the Veteran’s Administration Hospital (VAH) to provide clinical opportunities that are essential to our student’s educational development.  VAH, like all other healthcare facilities, have specific requirements that must be met in advance of beginning a clinical experience at the Ann Arbor VA.

All rising Clinical Trunk students must initiate paperwork to obtain VA credentialing in advance of participating in a clinical experience.  The credentialing process includes required VA online trainee modules, completion of the VA Clinical Trainee Application, and fingerprinting that can be done at the Ann Arbor VA or any Federal facility that offers VA courtesy fingerprinting.

Actual onboarding for new Clinical Trunk students will occur 2 to 3 a times year based on when students are scheduled for a clerkships experience at the VA.  The credentialing process takes at least 4 weeks to complete. The OMSE Student Services Office will notify students when their credentials should be prepared and submitted to the VA for processing. Upon receipt of your credentials, it is the expectation of the Medical School that your credentials will remain valid for the remainder of your medical school education. 

Questions regarding the credentialing process should be directed to the OMSE Student Services Team at Email: medstudentvacredentials@umich.edu.

Parking at the VA

Parking Memos will be sent to students via email