Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society

Alpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society in the world. Its mission is to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. As stated in the society's constitution:

"Alpha Omega Alpha is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and its aims shall be the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates and the recognition of high attainment in medical science, practice and related fields."

AΩA is committed to national leadership in advancing diversity and inclusion in the profession of medicine. Chapters are provided the flexibility to value the diversity of qualities that contribute to high quality patient care, leadership, service, and scholarship. Chapters are expected to embrace and respect differences and foster creativity in how they celebrate students who contribute in these important ways. AΩA expects an unbiased, inclusive nomination and election process.

Membership in AΩA may be attained as a medical student, resident, fellow, faculty member, alumni, clinician, or distinguished leader in medicine. Each school may elect up to 20% of the graduating class of students, up to 25 residents/fellows, up to 10 faculty, and three to five alumni, who, based on merit, demonstrate the characteristics of excellent physicians in alignment with AΩA's mission and values.

The characteristics of excellent physicianship will be identified by each school; examples include trustworthiness, character, caring, knowledge, scholarship, proficiency in the doctor-patient relationship, leadership, compassion, empathy, altruism, and servant leadership. Nominees must be in good academic standing and must not have any professionalism concerns

AOA Chapter at Michigan

The AOA Constitution states that individual chapters should establish procedures to apply the national criteria for election of new members. At the University of Michigan, based on a class size of approximately 170, we are permitted to consider up to 45 students and can elect up to 34 students per class.

Since the institution of Pass/Fail grading of the pre-clinical years, the distinction between "junior" and "senior" AOA has been eliminated.

A peer and faculty nominated group of Michigan Medicine faculty and residents compose the AΩA selection committee. Committee members review the blinded pre-screening forms (i.e. without identifying information) submitted by eligible students and assign a score for Leadership and Change Agency, Perseverance, and Character.  Following assessment of the pre-screening forms, scholastic achievement as measured by core clerkship grades is incorporated to generate a composite score of Leadership and Change Agency, Perseverance, Character, and Scholastic Achievement.  Branches grades and USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS scores are not included when determining membership. 

Furthermore, since student membership is composed entirely of M4s, those taking time off following their third year of medical school will be considered for the next year's AOA class. All students honored with membership will be informed in the late summer of their M4 year, prior to submission of residency program applications.

Each year, students of AOA organize various activities that take place throughout the remainder of the academic year. Some events planned for this year include:

  • Nomination of select faculty for membership
  • Nomination of faculty from the community to receive the Volunteer Faculty Award
  • Banquet for official recognition of new members

2022-2023 Student Officers

  • President: Abed Kawakibi
  • Vice President: Nikki Trupiano

We would like to thank the following faculty members for their ongoing
support of our AOA chapter activities:

  • Faculty Councilor Silas P. Norman, M.D.
  • Faculty Advisor: Michelle S. Caird, M.D.
  • Faculty Advisor: Helen Kang Morgan, M.D.

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