Personal Social Media Use

Attending the University of Michigan Medical School (UMMS) is an honor and a privilege provided to a select group of individuals. Along with that privilege comes a set of expectations and responsibilities as a medical student in the UMMS community. 

Recognizing that many medical students have social media accounts, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc., for personal use, learners are expected to comply with the following policy.  

  • Do not share information on social media that may violate the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The posting of identifying information about patients, or information that could lead to their identity (whether by the patient him/herself or by others), on social media platforms is strictly prohibited without the patient’s expressed informed consent (signed informed consent/authorization stating the patient’s willingness to have their personal health information documented on the named social media platform). For patient confidentiality purposes, this includes patients of Michigan Medicine, as well as patients encountered in other settings as students including global health experiences and off-site clinical experiences.    
  • Do not engage in conduct on social media that may violate the UMMS Bulletin, including the Honor Code’s expectations of professional, ethnical, and responsible behavior. Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to criminal behavior, excessive alcohol use, unlawful drug use, and other unprofessional behavior. 
  • Do not engage in conduct on social media that incites or promotes violence. 
  • Do not share confidential or proprietary information that may compromise UMMS’s research efforts, business practices, or information security.  

Remember, there is no such thing as an “anonymous” post, and social media posts may be permanently linked to their author. Each student is responsible for their social media posts, and we ask all students to be professional, respectful, and responsible throughout their duration at UMMS. 

UMMS medical students who violate these expectations are subject to the processes described in the Bulletin in the same manner as for any other unacceptable behavior. While all students are entitled to their own personal viewpoints, social media content that otherwise violates this policy, other applicable UM or UMMS policies, or disrupts the work or learning environment is subject to consequences. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in consequences, including dismissal from UMMS. 


Updated April 25, 2023