Quiz & Exam Review Procedure

Details for M1s

Timeline & Procedures

ExamSoft Quiz and Exam Review

When you submit your quiz/exam, you will receive an immediate raw score. You will have access to the quiz/exam feedback once it opens at 9 AM on the next business day after the quiz/exam closes.

  • When you submit your quiz/exam, you will receive your immediate raw score.
  • At 9am the day after the quiz/exam closes, you will get access to the question number you got incorrect via the ExamSoft web portal (http://www.examsoft.com/medschool).
  • Quiz and Exam feedback will be available on the Assignments Tab in Canvas beginning at 9am on the day after a quiz or exam closes.
  • Quiz feedback is available until the close of that sequence’s final exam; final exam feedback is available for approximately 48 hours after the exam closes.

ExamSoft Exam Query System

  • The Exam Query System allows students to submit confidential online questions regarding test items. Instructors then enter responses to the queries; however, these responses are not made available until the end of the query window. At the end of the query period, a PDF with instructor responses will be uploaded to MBox for student review.
  • To submit a quiz/exam query, log in to Canvas. To access the query form, click on quizzes and access the Google Form and PDF of the assessment. Enter the relevant quiz/exam question number on the Google Form, and submit your query in the text box provided.
  • You may submit queries beginning at 9 AM on the next business day after a quiz or exam closes. Queries are open for approximately 48 hours following each quiz or exam.

Quiz and Exam Scores

  • Preliminary grading for quizzes/exams is generally available on the next business after a quiz/exam closes. You can view your preliminary scores (i.e. raw percentage of correct responses) by logging into the SofTest or ExamSoft web portal. This score is subject to change based on grading changes made by the Course Director.
  • Course cumulative scores are generally finalized 1-2 weeks after the final exam. You will receive email confirmation when your course cumulative score is final. Cumulative grades may be viewed on your Learning Outcomes dashboard (need link).

* UMMS-approved testing centers include Taubman Health Sciences Library (THSL) computer labs 5215/5219, 5225, and 6401.