Plastic Surgery

As a specialty, plastic and reconstructive surgery covers a wide range of clinical problems and patient populations. Although aesthetic surgery still comprises a sizeable proportion of the caseload, most plastic surgeons devote the majority of their efforts to addressing reconstructive, rather than cosmetic, issues.

Working in academic centers, managed care and private practice, plastic surgeons creatively meet clinical challenges in diverse areas such as craniofacial anomalies, burns, trauma, hand, microsurgery, breast, oncology and tissue engineering. Plastic surgeons deal with virtually every region of the human body, in all ages of patients. With innovative technologies continuously emerging, plastic surgery is constantly reinventing itself, evolving into new clinical areas. This specialty is the perfect place for creative problem-solvers who enjoy thinking “outside the box.”

Residency Training

  • Duration of training: Six years. (Six years for Integrated Programs. Three years for Independent Programs, plus time spent in preliminary training.)
  • Number of programs nationally: ~65 Integrated programs with ~ 130 spots.
  • Number of entering residency positions per year: ~250-300.
  • Types of fellowships or subspecialties: Craniofacial, microsurgery, hand, breast, oncology.
  • Type of Match: Regular NRMP for Integrated.
  • Overall competitiveness: Very Competitive. Approximately 60% match rate. This is a difficult match for the "average" student.

Primary Faculty Contact for M1's and M2's

Jeff Kozlow, M.D.

Medical Student Club or Interest Group

Dr. Jeff Kozlow, M.D.

Shadowing or Mentoring Experiences Available to M1's or M2's

Jeff Kozlow, M.D.


Suggested Journals, Books & Information for Interested Students

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Annals of Plastic Surgery

Students with any potential interest in Plastic Surgery should contact the student coordinator as early as possible. The Integrated Plastic Surgery match is very competitive. Considerable planning is required to maximize chances of a successful match.