Quizzes & Exams

Scientific Trunk students:

Information about taking ExamSoft assessment can be found in the Assessment Feedback Canvas Course:  https://umich.instructure.com/courses/353023If you have questions after reviewing the information in Canvas please email the Evaluation and Assessment team at medexams@umich.edu

All others:

Please email medexams@umich.edu


  • Record all of your test answers on a separate piece of paper in the unlikely event that the quiz / exam does not upload correctly. Please handle these answer sheets with confidentiality and dispose of them properly after your exam has been scored. Your quiz / exam has uploaded successfully once you see the green upload screen.
  • Use the calculator that is available within the testing system.
  • Double-check all of your responses before submitting your quiz / exam.
  • Email medexams@umich.edu if you experience any difficulties while taking a quiz or exam.
  • Always remain calm and remember that technical issues can be fixed!


  • DO NOT copy, download, or photocopy quizzes or exams or quiz / exam questions in ANY way. This includes the use of "print screen" features on the computer, creating PDF files of a quiz or exam, or using a camera phone. This includes copying the feedback pages. These actions are all against the Honor Code.
  • If you email medexams@umich.edu or your Sequence Director about a specific question, refer to the question number only. DO NOT copy any part of the question in your email.
  • If you have problems viewing images, DO NOT guess and enter a response. Instead, refresh the question by navigating back and forward and/or closing and reopening the attachment.  If you continue to experience difficulty please email medexams@umich.edu

On-Call Hours:

  • Weekdays:  8 AM to 5 PM
  • Fridays during regularly scheduled quizzes / exams: 5 PM to 9 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday during regularly scheduled quizzes / exams: Noon to 9 PM

Email: medexams@umich.edu 


Suzy McTaggart

Assistant Director of Evaluation and Assessment – Scientific Trunk
5224 Taubman Health Sciences Library

Kristen Crum
Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator
5224 Taubman Health Sciences Library

Beth Holman
Associate Director of Evaluation and Assessment - Clinical Trunk and Branches
5310 Taubman Health Sciences Library

Dane Harkness
Evaluation and Assessment Specialist
5310 Taubman Health Sciences Library