Tutoring Program

Tutoring is active learning. It’s not just about content or for remediation. Tutoring is about the learning process. It is for anyone who could use a little extra help (which would be ALL of us!).

These tutoring services are free to UMMS students. Tutors update their availability here every two months. Individuals may review the Tutors' Bios below to find a match for their needs. Learners may reach out to tutors directly or contact a Learning & Accessibility Specialist for assistance with finding an appropriate tutor.

Throughout your academic journey, you have excelled as a student. Congratulations! Your hard work has resulted in academic excellence and admission to one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world! Your ways of studying, thinking of yourself as a student, and balancing school and life have worked incredibly well for you and will continue to serve you in this new, exciting journey.

Medical school, with its depth, breadth, and pace of knowledge is a new learning experience. You will need to add to your existing set of learning tools. You may have always taken extensive notes in a way that now seems challenging due to the amount of information you must process. You may have never used a tutor and wrestle with your identity as a learner in asking for additional help for the first time. You may find your previously perfected ways of dealing with stress aren't quite cutting it in this new environment. The very first step in making tutoring work for you is to understand it is a tool to expand your capacity, which is normal and needed for the new challenges of medical school, a new learning journey. Your abilities, strategies, and dedication have brought you this far, and with added learning tools you will continue to experience success.

Find tutors’ updated availability listed here

We can all use a little help with almost any learning task. A good starting point is assessing in which area you need assistance:

Academic Content: Search for tutors strong in the specific content or exam who can help you key in on the most important information.

Studying Strategy: New learning calls for new methods of studying. Tutors can offer strategies they know work well for them. Your Learning Specialist has an array of strategies and expertise in preparation, learning, and studying. If your tried-and-true undergrad methods of notetaking aren't cutting it for medical school, know that is a very common adjustment for all!

Mindset & Metacognition: Emotion has a significant role in learning. How we think about learning, how we understand procrastination as a function of fear, how we build stamina and rest into our studies all have entire areas of research devoted to them! You may find these resources on learning are just what you need.

Additional Stressors: Sometimes it is not the content or the strategies impeding our learning, but stressors that are impacting our cognitive and affective functions. In addition to tutoring, several supports for your health and wellness are also available.

Becoming a Tutor

If you’re an M3/M4 and interested in becoming a tutor, please reach out to Jensen Whitmore or JT Sangsland with Learning & Accessibility Services to learn more about the program.

Post-Tutoring Report

When you’ve completed a tutoring session (individual or group) please fill out Detailed Tutoring Report. This report Google Form will provide documentation for your services as well as help us collect data on Tutoring activities and needs.

Getting Paid

Getting paid is a 2-step process. 
To be paid on the scheduled pay date, you must report your time in Wolverine Access, Employee Self Service Time Reporting by 7:00 pm Monday before the pay date.

You must also provide documentation of services rendered by completing the Tutor Documentation Form for each session. 

2022 Pay Schedule

2023 Pay Schedule