Medical Student Research Resources

Getting involved in research 

I am a student looking for an opportunity to get involved in research. What are my options? 

Capstone for Impact (CFI) is a core graduation requirement for medical students. If you are a student who develops an idea for your CFI during your first year of medical school, you may want to consider the Impact Accelerator for M1s. This opportunity is offered during the summer break between the Scientific Trunk and Clinical Trunk years. Students also have four months of elective time that can be used for research in the Branches. 

Identifying faculty working in the field which interests you 

I am a student seeking to identify biomedical researchers working in my field of interest. How can I identify researchers and contact them? 

To identify University of Michigan researchers who are actively working in areas that interest you, please go to the: 

  • Michigan Research Experts search tool where you will find profiles of faculty from the Medical Schooland from across the U-M campus.  

  • Search the webpage to find information about their research strengths, publications and social media activity. 

  • To begin your search, enter: names, keywords, or disciplines. 

  • After identifying researchers who are a good fit, you can find their contact information in MCommunity,the U-M online directory. 

Reaching out to your mentor 

Why should I establish a relationship with a mentor? 

If you are fortunate to have a mentor/mentee relationship, it is an important connection which can provide you with invaluable insights and understanding of the research landscape. We encourage you to foster these relationships as mentors can help youby providing advice on next steps, through sharing their experiencesand by providing insight into available funding opportunities. 

How do I establish a relationship with a mentor if I don’t already have one? 

If you are seeking to establish a relationship with a mentor, the first step is to identify someone you admire, who has common interests and who you believe you could learn from. Reach out to them to share what it is you admire about their work and ask if they’d be interested in a short meeting. Use this time to gauge whether they might be a good fit and work to nurture the relationship.

Finding funding 

How do I find a sponsored funding opportunity to help support my research?  

You can search for funding opportunities, find resourcesand receive help through one-on-oneconsultations with a librarian at the University of Michigan Library. Visit the Research Funding and Grants Guide resource to get started.

I have found an external funding opportunity, what is the required university process?  

Once you have found an external research funding opportunity, the university requires you to have institutional approval to apply.   

  • Please contact your research mentor to enquire about appropriate steps.   

  • Next, please contact a research administrator (RA) from your department (the department where the research will occur). They will provide you with additional directions.You can identify your department’s RA here

Lifecycle of research: resources 

How do I navigate my research project? 

TheMedical School Office of Research can assist you with navigating your project route.Please refer to the Office of Research Route Map which provides a full view of the entire research process, resources, and requirements throughout the lifecycle of research.