M-Home Peer Support

Peer Support Advocates (PSA)

Peer Support Advocates is a student-led, M-Home-supported group that trains students as advocates for their fellow medical students. PSA provides one-on-one support and helps foster a safe and inclusive learning and work environment for all students (M1-M4 and MSTP), especially those struggling with mental health and other chronic health conditions. Advocates coordinate drop-in group meetings, discussions about mental health and wellness, and provide outreach via email and other in-person activities.

Medical students are also encouraged to reach out to advocates directly. Common reasons to contact PSA include struggling with mental health, experiencing studying issues, failed a quiz or exam, feeling isolated, experienced a negative clinic encounter, experiencing a personal crisis, experienced discrimination, experienced violence, or just to chat and connect.

Contact Info:

Email our group: mhome.peersupport@umich.edu
Call/text:  (732) 723-7586

Email an advocate directly: PSA Bios Fall 2023.pdf

Page us:

1. Go to the Paging website 
2. Type in "peer" into the search bar (it will come up as "Peer Mentoring")
3. Click on the pager # (i.e. 37586) or the number of the person it is being forwarded to.
4. Type your message at the bottom under the NON-CLINICAL page. Make sure to include your name and return phone number or email. If you send a page without your contact information we will not be able to contact you. If you accidentally send a page without your contact info, just send another non-clinical page explaining the previous message was from you and add your contact information.

Become an Advocate:

Please contact mhome.peersupport@umich.edu to inquire about joining PSA.

Follow us on Social Media:

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Near-Peer Advisors

Near-Peer Advisors are M3-M4 students who serve to demystify clinical year for rising M2s by providing on-boarding sessions including learning styles on the wards, pre-rounding on patients, and operating MiChart.

After these initial sessions address questions during the transition, groups of M2 students are paired based on their track with advisors to have longitudinal support for any questions or concerns that arise as the year goes on. Our advisors cover questions ranging from technical to life organization so students feel supported with up-to-date information from those who most recently experienced the same hardships (i.e., a near peer)!


eMpower facilitates mentorship throughout medical school in the structure of small groups comprising students from all years. Groups meet regularly to discuss diverse topics concerning medical students, including academic success, extracurricular leadership, research directions, clinical experience and overall wellbeing.

More Support & Services

Medical Student Academic & Personal Counseling

Staff counselors help medical students with their career development and personal needs. Counselors serve as the student's first contact for any questions to the Office of Medical Student Education.

Medical Student Disability Services

For questions about disability services and accommodations contact the Medical School Learning Specialist, JT Sangsland, M.Ed., jtsangs@med.umich.edu, or Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

Medical School Mental Health Program

Through institutional support, students can access psychological care and psychiatric services at no cost as part of their enrollment in the University of Michigan Medical School. The psychological care program is staffed by three therapists and resides in Michigan Medicine’s Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience, which has space in the B wing of the Med Sci I Building.

Appointments are available by phone at 734-647-3902 or by email at counseling@med.umich.edu.

Michigan Medicine Wellness Office

The Wellness Office is dedicated to improving workplace well-being, reducing professional burnout, and creating a caring, safe environment where all faculty, staff and learners at Michigan Medicine can thrive.  Our focus is to help make workplace well-being part of your experience while providing excellent patient care, work, education, and research across Michigan Medicine. 

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers counseling and reference information about mental health. CAPS is a FREE University resource for enrolled students. After-hours urgent support: 734-764-8312 (option 0)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)