Registration & Records

The U-M Medical School Registrar’s Office maintains the academic records for all current and former students. Please review the topics below for more information.


Address / Name Changes

Address Changes: Students are responsible for keeping their local and permanent address information current in Wolverine Access. More information can be found here.

Name Changes: Students will need to submit a Personal Data Change Request form to U-M Registrar’s Office along with supporting documentation. More information can be found here.

Blue Bucks

Blue Bucks are issued to students by Records & Registration.

· M2 students receive $186 in October

· M3 students receive $126 in January For questions, please contact

Certifications / Verifications / Letters of Good Standing

All certification/verification requests must be sent as PDF attachments to

Please be sure to include the following information:

· Name and/or name at graduation and

· One or more of the following: date of birth, last 4-digits of social security number, year of graduation.

A completed release of information waiver is required for all certification/verification requests. If your certification/verification request form does not have a release of information section on it, you will need to complete and return the UMMS Release Waiver form, in PDF format, along with your certification/verification form to

UMMS Registrar’s Office does not verify employment. Contact Human Resources for Employment Verification.

Clinical Scheduling

Students requesting schedule changes outside of Drop/Add sessions will need to submit a Special Circumstance Scheduling Request form.

For scheduling/enrollment questions, please contact

Diploma Requests

For certified copy and English translation of UMMS diplomas, contact For a replacement diploma, contact University of Michigan Registrar’s Office - Diplomas.

Dual Degree Programs

Current UMMS students who would like to apply to receive a dual degree should explore the Dual Degree Programs website.

Fellowship / Internship / Residency Completion Verification

UMMS Registrar's Office does not process postgraduate verification requests.

Verification requests for fellowship, internship or residency are processed by the individual department where the postgraduate education was completed. For individual department contact information please visit Residency & Fellowship Education.

Jury Duty

Students who receive a summons for jury duty should follow the directions on the summons to request a deferral on the basis of their student status.

Students wishing to defer their jury service and requiring enrollment verification from UMMS should submit their request and summons to

This type of deferral is usually granted once by the courts, but students remain in the juror pool and are summoned again until they serve. It is the purview of the courts to grant deferrals.

Leave of Absence

Students seeking to temporarily leave UMMS for a dual degree, research or personal reasons should follow the Leave of Absence/Return from Leave Process managed by Records & Registration.

For questions, please contact

Licensure / Residency for Graduating Seniors

Steps for Submitting a Certification/Verification Form.

1. Reach out to the residency program to which you matched to obtain these forms. Complete the applicant portion of your residency certification/verification form. Residency programs and state licensure agencies have very specific requirements. Our office neither provides the individual residency forms nor do we send anything automatically to programs or licensure agencies. Students must submit a request to

2. Complete the UMMS Release Waiver form (Note: Students will need to complete a release waiver form for each institution/location to which your certification/verification form is to be sent.)

3. Send the completed residency certification/verification form and UMMS Release Waiver form, in PDF format, to  

Requests will be processed based on priority, as each institution/licensing board has different processing deadlines and timeframes. Examples are:

· Requires immediate completion prior to degree conferral. In this case, the form will say, for example: the degree will be awarded/conferred on X date. These requests will be processed as received.

· Requires degree requirement completion: forms will not be completed until the last day of the term in April.

· Requires posting/conferral of degree: forms will not be completed until Monday after graduation.

A confirmation email will be sent when the request has been fulfilled.

Loan Deferrals

Loan deferment forms are processed by the U-M Office of the Registrar.

MCard Replacement

For expired or replacement MCards, please complete the first three rows of the UMHS ID Form (must log-in to access) and return it to We will complete the remainder of the form and email it to the Key ID Office and copy the individual with further instructions.

MSPE Requests (Dean’s Letters)

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is prohibited from being released to graduates/students.

If your MSPE is needed for a fellowship application, please send an email to

If your MSPE needs to be sent to an institution/organization for licensing, credentialing, etc., please complete and return UMMS Release Waiver form and email it to

Official Transcript Request

Transcript requests must be submitted to the University of Michigan Registrar’s Office.

UMMS Registrar’s Office does not provide nor process transcript requests

U-M Policy on Student Rights & Student Records

For more information: U-M on Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

For UMMS student record access inquiries: 

USMLE Certification

Students will need to obtain the Certification and Identification form from their NBME account, complete their sections and email a PDF of the form to

Please be sure to complete the following on the form:

· Electronically add your photo to the form on the space indicated. If you are not able to add your photo, let us know and we can add your photo from your UMHS ID (MCard).

· Under the Applicant Agreement section, you will need to select one (1) of the boxes.

· Hand-sign the form, typed signatures are not accepted by the NBME.

· Date the form.

We will then complete our section of the form and email it to NBME for processing. Once your form is processed by NBME, it is valid for five years.

Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) Program

The VSLO program is designed for medical students from other U.S. medical schools who would like to rotate at Michigan Medicine. Please follow the application process and procedures on the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Program website.